Do you want or need to work past retirement?

With the Government changes to the rules for the qualifying age for retirement, you wonder if they expect people to work until they are eventually buried in the ground.
We know that many of the over 65’s continue to work, not because they WANT to, but because they have to in order to maintain a basic living standard
So, for the Government to assume this is justification enough to continue to push forward the official retirement age is unfair and uninformed
Consider those who are at the precipe of retirement, with only a few years of working life remaining, who have been left in disarray by the recent pension age changes
How soul destroying it must be to realise you could have up to a 2 year deferment in you eligibility to claim your basic state pension?

Especially, when you consider the same Government who wants you to work longer, will walk away light years earlier with a hefty inflated pension scheme!